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Strappal Zinc Oxide 1.25cm  x 10m

Strappal Zinc Oxide 1.25cm x 10m

PriceFrom £4.45

Strappal Zinc Oxide tape is one of our strongest and stickiest zinc oxides. BSN Strappal Tape has a very high tensile strength and an aggressive adhesive.

The rigid tape is 100% cotton and has an incredible tensile strength of 57lbs per inch. It's bleached white with a smooth supple feel.

The digital unwind means that it unrolls all the way down to the core so that none is wasted. This makes application easier.

The tape is suitable to immobilise joints or to support injuries.

Although Strappal is our stickiest tape, for best results handle as little as possible. The adhesive can be improved further by warming the tape before use. We recommend using a pre tape adhesive spray or skin tuffner before application.

Hypoallergenic and Latex Free.

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