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Strap Med Cohesive Bandage 5cm x 4.5m

Strap Med Cohesive Bandage 5cm x 4.5m

PriceFrom £1.15

Cohesive is a great multi-tasker and a kitbag essential.

Cohesive tape provides lightweight compression and support without the sensation of tape applied to the skin.

  • Made from hand-tearable woven cotton spandex
  • Provides excellent and sustained support and compression
  • Adheres to itself not your skin - easier and less painful to remove than adhesive tapes


What is it used for?

  • Its superbly elasticated fabric is ideal for strapping and providing support.
  • Can be used as a blood spill tape as its woven material will absorb fluid.
  • Versatile compression wrap for securing dressings and ice packs.
  • Ideal for fixing braces and lifting blocks in place.
  • Used in football to secure shin-pads, hold up socks and offer added protection to the goalkeepers' hands, fingers and wrists.
  • Helps protect hands against blisters.
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