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SportTape Zinc Oxide 5cm  x 10m

SportTape Zinc Oxide 5cm x 10m

PriceFrom £4.35

The protector of joints and a saviour from sprains. If you’ve played sport long enough, the chances are you’ve been “strapped-up” with ZINC OXIDE tape.

A tool of the trade for rugby players, netballers, BJJ wrestlers and rock climbers alike, ZINC OXIDE tapes provide the highest level of support and protection.


FINGER TAPE (1.25CM & 2.5CM x 10M)

  • Fingers, thumbs and wrists
  • Rock Climbing, Grappling (BJJ) and Boxing

STANDARD (3.8CM x 10M)

  • Ankles, elbows and wrists
  • Rugby, Crossfit, Netball and Football.

WIDE (5CM x 10M)

  • Knees and shoulders
  • Rugby, American Football and Basketball
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