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SportTape Underwrap 7cm x 27m

SportTape Underwrap 7cm x 27m

PriceFrom £2.95

Acting as a thin barrier, UNDERWRAP pre-tape is wrapped around a joint or muscle, before overlaying it with strapping tape. This has the advantage of protecting the skin, allowing for easy and pain-free removal.


COMFORTABLE: The lightweight polyurethane foam is featherlight on the skin yet durable and protective

ADHESIVE FREE: Non-sticky yet lightly rubberised to touch, it prevents slipping on the skin.

200% STRETCH: Extra stretchy to allow for comfort and movement. It contours to the joint or limb.

HAND TEARABLE: No scissors are required. The lightweight fabric is easily hand torn.

WATER REPELLANT: Made exclusively from lightweight polyurethane foam. Its porous and water-repellant.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Hypoallergenic and latex free, it's a great solution for people with sensitive skin.

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