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SportTape Pro K Tape Scissors 20cm

SportTape Pro K Tape Scissors 20cm


You’ll wonder how you ever managed without these K TAPE scissors. Perfectly balanced and incredibly sharp, they will help you cut the narrowest strips and rounded corners with ease.

Used by the professionals and designed specifically for use with K Tape. They’ll give you the perfect cut, make your applications quicker, neater and longer lasting.

INCREDIBLY SHARP: Minimise K TAPE fraying and make your applications look better and last longer.

PRECISION CUTTING: A clean edge means a more comfortable and professional looking application.

TEFLON COATED: Teflon Florin-Resin coating protects the blades and keeps them sharper for longer.

NO GUMMING: Florin-resin coating prevents the blades from getting gummed up by K TAPE adhesive

PERFECTLY BALANCED: A thermo-plastic rubber handle gives a flexible and comfortable grip

PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED: Backed by our PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE these scissors will not let you down.

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