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SportTape Fixation Tape 10cm  x 10m

SportTape Fixation Tape 10cm x 10m

PriceFrom £9.85

Sometimes known as ‘Dressing Retention’ or Surgical Adhesive Tape’, Fixation Tape is a non-woven, soft polyester tape with a hypoallergenic medical grade polyacrylate adhesive.

In plain English, it’s a lightweight, breathable and malleable dressing tape with a skin friendly glue.

Originally created for the wound care market. FIXATION TAPE has been adopted by sports therapists to act as a “base layer” when taping more challenging areas with ZINC OXIDE TAPES, such as the knee or shoulder.

GREAT VALUE: Let's cut to the chase. Our FIXATION TAPE is cheaper than the market leader.

BREATHABLE: Permeable to moisture it allows you skin to breath and provides a great surface for taping.

CONFORMING: 0% unilateral stretch but 10% transversal stretch so that it can contour your body.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Our acrylic adhesive is kind to the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and residue.

TWO WIDTHS: Available in 5CM and 10CM width so that you avoid overlapping and tape larger areas.

EASY CUT: Grid lines and backing paper make it easy to cut exact lengths prior to application.

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