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Mueller® Tear-Light® Lightrip EAB 5cm  x 4.5m

Mueller® Tear-Light® Lightrip EAB 5cm x 4.5m

PriceFrom £5.55
  • Lightweight Elastic Adhesive Bandage
  • Tearable EAB for quick, easy use
  • Perfect for quick application at the pitch side
  • Physios Choice

What is Mueller® Tear-Lite® Tape?

Lightweight elastic adhesive bandage which is tearable and very economical. Made from open weave material with a strong adhesive that contains dry natural rubber. Easy unwind.

Mueller's popular Tear-Lite® sports tape is now available in colours to match your kit.

Latex Free.

Ideal for light support and compression of injuries. Can also be used as a fixation bandage, for light weight joint stabilisation with a bit of movement or even for holding cold packs in place. Probably the most versatile of any tape or bandage available and is a must for any Sports First Aid Kit.

Intended Use: Provide flexible support ot weak or injured body parts.

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