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Mueller® Reusable Hot/Cold Pack Regular 15.2cm x 22.8cm  (Pack of 12)

Mueller® Reusable Hot/Cold Pack Regular 15.2cm x 22.8cm (Pack of 12)


A reusable hot or cold gel pack that can be used either warmed in boiling water or frozen in the freezer for the treatment of inflammation and pain usually caused by sprains, strains, twists, turns and soft tissue injuries.

Cold use: Place the Hot/Cold Pack in the freezer at least 1-2 hours before use. Place the gel pack in the wrap or at least cover it before applying it to the skin, Gel stays flexible even when frozen.

Hot use: You can either boil it (best heating method) or place it in the microwave. Boil 3/4 litre and remove from heat, place the gel pack in the water for 5 minutes if at room temperature, but for no more than 8 minutes. Remove from the water, dry and cover before applying to the skin.

To microwave, place the gel pack in a microwavable container and cover it with water (Never heat in the microwave without the water, dry heat may damage the pack and overheat the gel). Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes (time may vary due to wattage), remove from container and test the heat, for additional heat, microwave in 10-15 second intervals. Dry and cover or place in a wrap to apply to the affected area. Watch the Hot/Cold Gel Pack while heating, if the pack starts to expand, turn off the microwave and leave to cool.

The gel pack should never be applied directly to the skin, when cold or warm, and the temperature should always be checked carefully before handling. Please follow the instructions with the pack.

The Mueller® Cold / Hot Gel Pack also has the fantastic property of remaining very flexible when either cold or hot which can help the user to conform the wrap to themselves easily.

Spare Mueller Cold/Hot Packs can be purchased separately as it is ideal to have one in the freezer cooling while you are using the other and there are also a range of Mesh Pouches and Neoprene Wraps with Pouches available for ease of use.

Cold Therapy: Use cold for sprains, bruises and other injuries.

Heat Therapy: Use heat for ongoing aches and pains.

Part of the RecoveryCare® product line.

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