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Mueller® Premium Hinged Knee Brace

Mueller® Premium Hinged Knee Brace

  • Superior comfort
  • Anatomical Triaxial Hinges
  • Prevent twisting and shearing forces
  • Superb comfort and usability
  • Neoprene Free

What is the Mueller® Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee Brace?

The new Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee Brace is the next generation in the ever popular Mueller® Hg80® line. Mueller have focused on improving comfort and functionality of this product, allowing the user to feel greatly supported, whilst still being allowed to continue their day to day activities without restriction. The Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee brace uses an exclusive HydraCinn® fabric which is moisture wicking and antimicrobial to ensure comfort and longevity, which is also neoprene free.

The Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee Brace is designed to be very low profile, without may straps around the brace. The top of the Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee brace features a wraparound style of securing strap, allowing the customer to stretch it around, and secure it on the side of the brace, at the top of the hinges, providing security and prevents the brace from slipping down.

We equip athletes with the most advanced sports medicine products available. And that includes the Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee Brace. You get comfort and maximum medial-lateral support for your weak or injured knee. The Triaxial Hinge is the standard by which all other hinged knee braces are judged. It closely simulates the natural tracking of the knee joint.

When can I use the Mueller® Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee Brace?

The Hg80® Premium Hinged Knee brace sits in the category of high-ultimate level of supports. The Triaxial hinge allows the wearer a huge level of support against any unnatural movement in the knee, but also means the knee is not restricted in the natural movement it should have, due to the three points of pivot within the hinge.

Due to the high level of this brace, it caters towards the more serious category of injuries, mainly ligament damage. Those who suffer with tears, or full ruptures of the ACL, PCL, MCL or LCL, would benefit from the Hg80® Premium Knee Brace as the strong metal hinges prevent the knee from hyper-extending, bowing laterally and medially, or twisting, which are the three most common problems with a ligament injury. The Hg80® Premium Knee Brace also has a very comfortable gel buttress around the knee cap. This can aid against weakness with the patella, such as tendonitis, or patella bursitis. It also keeps the patella in place, so if yours has dislocated or can freely move, this brace will prevent this.

Application/Instructions: 1. Loosen all straps. 2. Slide brace on. 3. Align kneecap just above buttress. 4. Fasten large top and bottom areas behind knee. 5. Secure upper and lower straps.

Intended Use: Provides support to weak, injured, or arthritic joints; helps prevent medio-lateral movement and hyperextension of the knee.

Cautions/Warnings: NONE

Care Instructions: Hand wash cold with mild detergent, do not bleach, line dry, do not iron, do not dry clean, HAND WASH COLD WITH MILD DETERGENT, DO NOT BLEACH, LINE DRY, DO NOT IRON, DO NOT DRY CLEAN.

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