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Mueller® EuroTape® Zinc Oxide 3.8cm  x 11.4m

Mueller® EuroTape® Zinc Oxide 3.8cm x 11.4m

PriceFrom £4.75

What is Mueller® EuroTape® Zinc Oxide Tape?

The Mueller® EuroTape® is a premium rigid Zinc Oxide strapping tape, with an extra sticky adhesive, the tape is long-lasting on the skin. It has a serrated edge which means it is easier to tear for a faster application.

Made from Rayon, a man-made fabric (much stronger than traditional cotton tapes) covered with a zinc oxide adhesive.

Allergy Advice: This contains natural rubber latex which can cause irritation.

Available as Single Rolls or in Case Quantities:

  • 2.5 cm - Case of 48 rolls
  • 3.8cm - Case of 32 rolls
  • 5cm -Case of 24 rolls

Intended Use: Provide support to weak, injured, or unstable body parts.

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