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Lightplast PRO Lightrip EAB 5cm  x 6.8m

Lightplast PRO Lightrip EAB 5cm x 6.8m

PriceFrom £5.85

Lightplast Pro is an elastic adhesive bandage used for compression and support of muscles and joints. This tape is constructed of a high quality material, is smooth textured, making it ideal for professional sports use.

  • For strong support of soft tissue – a supporting and relieving bandage for injured capsula, ligaments, muscles and joints
  • Especially suited for quick application in the sports field


  • Hand tearable: Allowing ease of application
  • Excellent adhesion: Helps the bandage to remain adhered during lengthy treatment
  • Air permeable: Helps prevent skin maceration
  • Lightweight: The bandage is comfortable in use
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