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Mueller® Ice Bag 23cm  (Pack of 12)

Mueller® Ice Bag 23cm (Pack of 12)

  • Effective cold therapy
  • Use Ice cubes or crushed ice
  • Pleated fabric outer
  • Diameter 23cm or 9 inches

Fast and effective cold therapy treatment for bruises, muscle pain, swelling and headaches. Fill the durable bag with crushed ice, ice cubes or ice-cold water and place the bag onto the affected area to relieve pain, reduce swelling and improve recovery.

The pleated design allows the bag fabric to conform to the contours of the body for maximum comfort and effectiveness. The bag is reusable and economical.

Diameter: 9 inches (23cm)

Intended Use: Helps relieve pain and swelling.

Care Instructions: Line dry. Air dry. After use: Drain the bag and air dry before replacing the lid. Use only water or ice with this product.

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